Monday, April 8, 2013

Who am I

My name is Lynnette Smith.   I was born with Cerebral Palsy.  One day during recess I was being teased because of how I walked and talked.  My teacher Mrs Kay Startsman  put her loving arm around me and told me I had two choices in life.  I could take what others said and did to me and feel sorry for myself or I could show people who I was and that I could do anything.  My parents raised me to know I was a Daughter of God and I was loved by Him as well as so many.  With the love and support of my teacher and my parents I knew the choice I needed to make.  I decided no one was going to no longer make me feel I could not become all I wanted to.
My life long dream was that of being a wife and a mother.  That dream came true as I married my best friend on April 27th 2001. We were not just married till death do us part, but sealed for all eternity.  We have been blessed to have two amazing children who we love and desire for the're happiness.   
The happiness I  talk about comes from living the commandments of God.  I am so blessed to know who I am--- Why I am here and earth and where I am going after life here ends.   That which I know to be truth   I desire our children to have and know for themselves the answers to these three questions.  
Today the FAMILY is being tested.  Marriage is between a husband and wife.   The Family Proclamation to the world given in 1995 has been given to us to know what God expects of the family.